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There is an older post here on our Tip of Texas Tea Party website about KURV’s Ray Coughenour.

Many now refuse to call him “Col. Ray” because he is using his military rank for entertainment value. The man is retired but still wants to be called Kernel, ahem, I mean, Colonel Ray. 

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(By A Concerned Citizen)

Whether it’s local, state or national news, KURV is a great Valley source for news. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on the web or on the radio. It’s a welcome relief from living a blue sea.

For as much as local Tea Partiers depend on it, I can’t imagine why we continue to put with Ray Coughenour.

It’s almost a requirement to refer to the man as “Col. Ray”. Local, state, and national politicians and pundits call him that when they call in. He gets more use out of a military rank than Private James Ryan.

It’s hard to get comfortable with a man that refuses to use his last name. Listeners used to see his last name when he first arrived in the Rio Grande Valley. Now all we see is “Col. Ray”. Read the rest of this entry »

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