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  • Where Was Bruce Braley? July 23, 2014
    Rep. Bruce Braley, the Iowa Democrat running for the U.S. Senate, missed three quarters of committee hearings concerning oversight of the Veterans Affairs administration in 2011 and 2012, including one, the Des Moines Register reports, on the same day Braley attended three fundraisers. The Register's Jennifer Jacobs notes that Republicans are criticizin […]
    Michael Warren
  • Marquette University Poll: Scott Walker 46%, Mary Burke 47% July 23, 2014
    A new poll from Marquette University shows Wisconsin governor Scott Walker locked in a tight race with Democrat Mary Burke, a former state Secretary of Commerce and member of the Madison school board. Among registered voters, Walker leads Burke 46 percent to 45 percent, with 8 percent undecided and 1 percent preferring another candidate. But among likely vot […]
    John McCormack
  • Obama Admin Trying to Find a New Way to Impose Contraception Mandate on Little Sisters of the Poor July 23, 2014
    The Obama administration announced Tuesday in a court filing that it would change the way it imposes its contraception and abortifacient mandate on religious non-profits, such as Christian schools like Wheaton College and charities like the Little Sisters of the Poor. The administration claims it has already accommodated these non-profits, but religious lead […]
    John McCormack
  • It Appears a New York Times Writer Wants Orthodox Christian and Islamic Views Stamped Out. “Ruthlessly.” July 24, 2014
    Who will rid Josh Barro of these turbulent priests? Barro is a writer at the New York Times. He has taken to twitter to proclaim that “anti-LGBT attitudes are terrible” and “we need to stamp them out, ruthlessly.” Barro supports gay marriage, etc. The BLT&G[insert preferred letters here] ideas of picking your gender, same sex marriage, etc. are incompati […]
    <a href="/users/erick/">Erick Erickson</a> (<a href="/diary/erick/">Diary</a>)
  • See Ya Later, I’m Voting Vader July 24, 2014
    So you’re tired of the hypocrites and the 3rd party types that flame out. I could empathize. I endorsed Rick Santorum on what I believed to be his comparative merits in 2012. I cried in my pitcher Newcastle Brown when SMOD burned up somewhere above the Tropopause. For those of you with too much hair on yer chest to ever vote for the lesser evil, | Read More […]
    <a href="/users/repair_man_jack/">Repair_Man_Jack</a> (<a href="/diary/repair_man_jack/">Diary</a>)
  • The Watercooler ~ Evening Open Thread July 23, 2014
    I made it pretty clear when I agreed to do these Watercooler open threads that I would publish a variety of diaries along the way. Anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows that I have a less serious side to my writing that I resort to quite often. That means that I am subject to break out in biblical prose, publish | Read More »The post The Wa […]
    westcoastpatriette (<a href="/diary/westcoastpatriette/">Diary</a>)
  • The Obamacare Employer Mandate Could Die in Some States July 23, 2014
    Tuesday’s D.C. Circuit and Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals rulings raise new doubts over the future of Obamacare. At the heart of these conflicting decisions... Read More The post The Obamacare Employer Mandate Could Die in Some States appeared first on Daily Signal. […]
    Nina Owcharenko
  • National Guard Would Be Waste of Resources, Border Patrol Agents Say July 23, 2014
    As Texas Gov. Rick Perry activates troops to help manage a surge of immigrants entering his state through Mexico, Border Patrol agents responsible for apprehending... Read More The post National Guard Would Be Waste of Resources, Border Patrol Agents Say appeared first on Daily Signal. […]
    Josh Siegel
  • Report: Fictional People Able to Sign Up for Obamacare, Get Subsidies July 23, 2014
    You don’t even have to be a real person to get Obamacare subsidies. That’s the takeaway from a report issued Wednesday by the Government Accountability... Read More The post Report: Fictional People Able to Sign Up for Obamacare, Get Subsidies appeared first on Daily Signal. […]
    Katrina Trinko