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By Duane Rasmussen

Okay, I admit it. I’m a terrorist! At least that’s what the socialist Democrats would like to call me. It is now out of the bag. TEA Party members and followers are now being charged with terrorism by the politically degenerate followers of The Great Prevaricator. I’m proud of it if I can bring terror into the minds of those who would work contrary to our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. I want them out of office and out of any position of influence.

It seems everyone is debating the effectiveness of the TEA Party members and supporters in bringing some kind of halt to spending and holding taxes where they are in the passing of the Budget Control Act. One easy way to look at it is where are we today in relation to where we were during the Pelosi-Reid-Obama agenda of one year ago. That agenda was giving us a daily dose of damage to our American economy, destroying jobs with crippling regulations, oppressive spending and brand new taxes. To top it off, the Democrats passed a government takeover of healthcare, spending record amounts of money we didn’t have on a program we didn’t want. Then they raised taxes on hardworking taxpayers to pay for an $800 billion stimulus, claiming they should have spent more.

But on election day 2010, millions of American Patriots stood up and were counted as they said, “We’re Taxed Enough Already!”

TEA Party members have not just changed the debate, they have changed the results. Sure, they are not the extensive results TEA Party members in many instances were working for, but they are a good step in the right direction. The people will take even more of their country back when they gain control of the Senate and the presidency along with the continued control of the House in 2012. The Great Prevaricator has not given up on more taxes. All good socialists want to level the income field. He needs to be stopped at each and every turn. We must not let him destroy our country,

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