Tracking Farenthold

We read last week the updated game hall ordinance for the city of La Feria. They now will charge a non-returnable application fee of $3,000 and a non-refundable license fee of $6,000 for administrative costs of investigation, inspection and licensing. Further, each gaming device earns the city an annual occupational tax of $15. Interesting.

The war goes on between the Republicans and Democrats in Congress. The Senate turned down the House-passed Cut-Cap-Balance bill only to now threaten with a widely antagonizing bill from the Gang of Six that professes to shrink spending while probably increasing taxes. The Senate bill is likely to be defeated, too, unless enough Republicans switch their votes to the Democratic hopes found in the Gang of Six proposal.

It is odd, but our Great Leader benefits no matter what happens. If the debt limit is not increased, he will blame the Republicans for any negative that happens. If the limit is increased, then he can continue the outrageous spending until the next limit is reached and we start the cycle all over again. If he cannot sign a debt limit bill without new taxes, then why is it that the House cannot sign a bill that has new taxes? The people most directly have elected their representatives in the House, according to the Constitution that clearly states that the House shall do the spending. The president is the last block against Congressional action. But Congress can still over-ride the president. Must all of our serious government action resort to this tactic by a weak president?

We must hope that our Democratic friends will soon see through the smoke and look beyond the mirrors. Certain congressional and administrative liberals and socialists seem bent on keeping the economy in the dumps, driving companies out of business, preventing job creation, shutting down energy production, keeping the dollar weak, running up even more debt and keeping as many of us as possible slopping from the government trough. Is that any way to live in a free society?

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